UCB to acquire Schwarz in �.4bncashandsharesdeal

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will create a company with annual turnover of more than �.3bn and increase the number of late-stage products at UCB. 这是克日第三宗并购生意业务, The deal。

同时将增加UCB开发末期产物的数量, the third of its kind in almost as many days,新优娱乐, UCB,令UCB成为最新一家加入欧洲中型制药团体并购浪潮的企业,以44亿欧元(合56亿美元)现金加股票的出价收购后者。

, was yesterday the latest company to join in the rash of mergers among Europe’s medium-sized pharmaceutical groups,此笔生意业务将缔造一家年营业额凌驾33亿欧元的制药企业, with an agreed �.4bn ($5.6bn) cash and share offer for Schwarz Pharma. 比利时制药商UCB昨日与Schwarz Pharma告竣协议, the Belgian drug maker,。

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